Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just a break...

Dear readers,
You very well know how much I enjoy this space where I can tell you my life and receive your beautiful feedback. This blog has been extremely satisfying and has given me the chance of getting to know you and become friends.
Some months ago I've accepted new challenges that require all of my time, although they bring me great joy. This is why I will put this blog momentarily on hold. However, I will not abandon you. We can still keep in touch through FacebookTwitter or Instagram
I leave here the anecdotes and tips shared throughout these past years. 
Thank you so much for understanding!
See you soon!
Souvenirs of Punta del Este - 2015

Thursday, December 4, 2014

CC The World...

I invite you to see "Reincarnation", the film premiered to accompany the collection "Métiers d'Art", presented in Austria. Pharrell Williams as Emperor Franz Joseph I and Cara Delevigne as Empress  Elizabeth, also known as Sisi ("CC"). I hope you enjoy it...


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Farewell Oscar de la Renta...

We have lost a great designer and a fabulous person... I'll remember him with supreme admiration. 
May he rest in peace...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The iconic Chanel N°5...

This is Chanel N°5's new ad, starring the beautiful Giselle Bündchen and directed by the great Baz Luhrmann... As you already know, it's my perfume...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My style icons...

Audrey Hepburn
She is, for me, the symbol of innocence, of charme, of joy, and above all, of elegance.
It's true that she had a true magician by her side as Hubert de Givenchy. But she could most probably have been the designer's fairy godmother, because, thanks to her, he was a true genius.
The image of Audrey in New York, early in the morning, window-shopping at Tiffany's, with that black dress, that hairdo (which I've tried to copy a thousand times), eating a croissant, is irresistible. In my primitive imaginary world it remains as an erasable memory.
Audrey Hepburn is the greatest symbol of elegance because all of her segregated kindness... 
Ava Gardner 
She is exactly the opposite to Audrey: voluptuousness vs innocence, wickedness vs kindness, nastiness vs purity.
And, in spite of all that, how not to surrender to the wild elegance of this panther that danced like a gypsy and walked barefoot like a Duchess?
Ava Gardner was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the world and, at the same time, the most self-destructive of all (alcohol, cigarettes, too much passion...).
And that's Ava's style lesson: beauty is fragile...
Jacqueline de Ribes
She is the only one of my muses that I know personally and love, not because of her mythical story, but because of who she is in real life.
Of her I learned (and still do) that class and allure do not depend on the clothes or the jewels. They are the result of a certain moral rigour and loyalty to principles.
Jacqueline was born an aristocrat and she lived thus every second of her life.
Queen of Jet-Set, fashion designer, friend to the arts, patron. In her salons mingled the most glamorous guests on Earth: from Jackie Kennedy to Marlon Brando, from Gianni Agnelli to Luchino Visconti.
From the eternal Gala of her life, she knew how to obtain a simple wisdom, and that's her greatest charm...
Marie Antoinette
Of course she was frivolous. Of course she was reckless when she pretended to be a peasant while the winds of revolution threatened her kingdom...
But, in spite of all this, I've always been interested in this queen, whose truest portrait can be found in  Stefan Zweig's biography and Sofia Coppola's movie.
She summed up the «doucer de vivre» before the Revolution.
Rather than remembering her eccentricities (such as requesting a dozen dresses to her taylor Mme. Bertien, in the middle of social turmoil) or her love affair with Fersen, I prefer to remember her dignity in her final hour... A great lady in the eye of the storm. 
Jane Birkin
If I still carry a fringe (and have never thought of removing it), it's because of Jane Birkin.
I discovered her when I was very young, in the movie «La Piscine» and, since then, I remember her every time I comb my hair (which is several times a day). I also like her accent, deliciously cosmopolitan, her songs with Serge Gainsbourg and I lovingly envy her for giving name to the most beautiful and coveted Hermès' handbag...